When you use Language Express, you know your message is coming across exactly as you intended. With more than 27 years’ experience, the strength of LANGUAGE EXPRESS lies in our professional approach to providing translations and interpretation and developing and maintaining markets for our customers.

We deliver profitable results based on our ability to break down language barriers and interact with customers throughout Europe and further afield.

We become your back-office handling calls from your agents, suppliers and customers. We provide help when it comes to helping you export to new markets or pitch for overseas tenders.

Whether you are going abroad to meet potential or new clients or just working in a multicultural environment, Language Express provides the linguistic support to enhance understanding, boost profitability and make sure your message gets through.

Our services include: GERMAN-ENGLISH-GERMAN translation, FRENCH-ENGLISH-FRENCH translation, ITALIAN-ENGLISH-ITALIAN translation, SPANISH-ENGLISH-SPANISH translation, DUTCH-ENGLISH-DUTCH translation and PORTUGUESE-ENGLISH-PORTUGUESE translation, plus other language combinations on request.

We cover all areas including, technical, legal, commercial, engineering, marketing, medical, advertising and contracts.

We are more than just a translation service; we are a full-service agency for all your foreign language needs. Not only do we master the languages but also the cultures of each of the languages we translate. We also ensure that your message will be accurate, the style appropriate and in the register that the client requires.

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