Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

We have been providing interpreting services for 27 years for companies from a host of different sectors.

We provide interpreting for negotiations; seminars, meetings and a range of other business events.

Interpreting is not only a tool for intercultural communication, it is a passion for us. Some of our consecutive interpreters have many years of experience in the sector and work in up to 5 languages.

Our services include: GERMAN-ENGLISH-GERMAN interpretation, FRENCH-ENGLISH-FRENCH interpretation, ITALIAN-ENGLISH-ITALIAN interpretation, SPANISH-ENGLISH-SPANISH  interpretation, DUTCH-ENGLISH-DUTCH interpretation, and PORTUGUESE-ENGLISH-PORTUGUESE  interpretation, plus other language combinations on request.

We cover all areas including, technical, legal, commercial, engineering, marketing, medical, advertising and contracts.

You may have an important negotiation with European clients, you may need to attend an international trade fair, so depending on the type of event, the location, the time available and the number of people involved, we can offer you different interpreting services.

All our interpreters have a perfect command of the spoken and written foreign languages as well as their own mother tongues and we ensure that you as the client are matched with the right professional.


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