About Us

About Us

Having grown up in a household with 2 very different accents, I was fascinated at a very early age at how some people could not understand things said in the accent not perceived as local, while at the same time, this was totally normal for me. This sparked huge interest in languages that has remained with me until this day.

The first foreign languages I learned were French and Latin and then in my second year at secondary school, I was introduced to German. Having done German for two years, I went on an exchange visit to Deidesheim in Rheinland Pfalz, a famous wine-growing area. I noticed here that I could not understand anything that people were saying. It was explained to me that they were not speaking German, but their dialect “Pfaelzisch”. Another source of fascination for me. I went on to learn this dialect and several other Southern German dialects and I have been back and forward to Deidesheim and the Pfalz almost every year since 1978. I worked in the vineyards and have planted, pruned, cut, bottled and harvested wine. And of course, I have enjoyed drinking it as well!

I went on to study French German and Spanish at university and graduated with a BA Hons in languages. I did several jobs after university and in 1997-1998 I did a marketing course at the University of Leuven in Belgium. There I learned Dutch, which made my research on the course a lot easier.

From 1989 to 1993 I worked with TNT as European Sales Manager, where I had regular opportunities to practice my languages with staff at the TNT offices throughout Europe.

I left TNT to set up the translation business Language Express in 1993. This was something I had always wanted to do. I translate from and provide interpreting services in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to English and I have a team of translators who translate from English into those and other languages.

We work for direct clients and translation agencies throughout Europe and projects include simple text translation, website development or multi-lingual business correspondence. Over the years we have developed our business to include international market development and this has now become a major part of our business. This involves a lot of European travel and negotiation in different languages and in a wide range of businesses.

To find out why organisations from government bodies to export organisations and foreign embassies use Language Express for translation, interpretation and proof reading, call us on 028 (048) 302 60544 to talk about your next project. We look forward to working with you.

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